Compassionate Care

At Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, we believe in constantly improving the quality of care we provide and the service we offer. We really try to focus on the little things we do to help create an experience for our patients that exceeds their health care expectations. That can range from how we communicate with patients to how quickly we respond to our patients’ concerns. One way we do this is by measuring ourselves to find out how we're doing as compared to similar medical facilities.

One of the main reasons we can provide such a high level of compassionate care to our patients is because our employees look out for and take care of each other. We act like a big family by supporting each other. Consequently, we have each other’s backs when it comes to providing the best care for our patients because working as a team is vital to our success.

Hear what our employees are saying....

My job of delivering babies is very rewarding, but above all I love Salt Lake Regional Medical Center because of staff and doctors that I work with help make my job a lot easier.
-Whitney Ault, Staff RN

At Salt Lake Regional Medical Center we work as a team, so it makes my work even more rewarding because I get to help keep the people, property and staff safe.
-Larry D. Eaton, Security

This is a job I have always wanted! I am actually reaching the goals I have set for myself because I continue to learn and improve every day. I just really enjoy what I do because I get to work with a friendly staff in a smaller hospital, which means I get more interactions with patients and the staff.
-Emily Fifta, RN Postpartum